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Admin Stats Individual Loan



This section of an account gives statistics about the loan account. These will be extremely helpful and fun to review over the life of the loan account. For statistics for your entire company, see Admin Stats. The admin stats can show Active, Paid Off, or Repossessed statistics. Each loan account has its admin stats defaulted to the account status from the drop down menu in manage loan settings. Each account also has three charts & graphs viewable by making selection from the dropdown list at the bottom of the admin stats page.

Active Admin Stats

  • Interest Collected – interest paid on this account.
  • Fees Collected – fees paid on this account.
  • Discount Collected - discount paid on this account.
  • Remaining Principal Balance – the most recent Principal Balance from the transactions tab. If principal is paid in the future, it will not be reflected here until after the application date of the future payment passes.
  • Active ROI – this is the Return On Investment calculated as the money you have received from the loan, divided by your total investment in the loan and adjusted for time from the loan origination until today, as long as the loan is still active. Since this is an actual return on investment, the number will go up only when a payment is made on the account.
  • Percentage Paid Off – the percentage of the principal that has been paid off on the loan.
  • Forecasted Remaining Interest – the interest that is forecasted to be paid. It is the summation of the interest portion of the amortized amount in the future transactions from the transactions tab.
  • Current Payoff – today’s payoff amount, not including any GPS fees.
  • Today's Per Diem - The amount of interest accrued on the loan today. This number will change depending on the principal balance on the loan.
  • Original IRR – this is the IRR at origination that appears on the Installment Contract. This is the same as the interest rate unless there is an underwriting fee.
  • Profit Summary - a summary of the profit earned on this loan. The profit on a loan consists of interest, fees, and discount. Any charged-off amount on the loan is giving away profit, or a portion of what is owed on the loan that you deem non-collectible.
  • Last 5 years interest – as applicable it will show the interest amount paid each year for the last 5 calendar years.
  • Total Due to Date (Including Fees) - The total that has come due on the loan so far. For example, if the payment amount on the loan is $200 and four payment periods have already passed, this number would be $800. If a late fee of $30 had been assessed in that time, this number would be $830. This number (Total Due to Date) - Total Regular, Fees Only, P&I Payment Made = The amount past due in a Between Transactions Interest Application scenario.
  • Total Regular, Fees Only, P&I Payments Made - The total of all payments made that directly affect regularly scheduled payments. Total Due to Date - this number (Total Regular, Fees Only, P&I Payments Made) = the past due balance on the loan in a Between Transactions Interest Application scenario.
  • Non-Accounting Net Position – this calculation shows a quick snapshot to see your ‘non-accounting’ position on the loan investment by each account.

Loan Amount this is the loan amount not including underwriting fees or refinance fees

- Interest Paid (interest collected)

- Fees Paid (fees collected)

- Principal Paid (amount paid on principal)

- Lenders Fee (Original lenders fee amount)

+ Chargeoff (the total amount charged off)


= Finance Company’s Position

- Dealer Profit


= Net Combined Position

Admin Stats Charts & Graphs

Remaining Principal Balance – This chart is a ‘smart’ chart and scales according to the data provided. It is a really good resource once the loan has a few months of history. This chart shows the remaining principal balance, but it also shows an original “Book Value” line. The intersection of the two lines shows when you can sell the car for as much as you are into it.

Interest & Fees Paid – This shows the interest & fees over time

Payments Made – This pie chart shows the entire history of the loan account of how much of the ‘paid’ amount has gone to fees, interest, & principal.

Repo Admin Stats & Paid Off Admin Stats

These other categories of admin stats are the same as the active admin stats except they are adjusted with account close dates, not today’s date when calculating ROI. They also use slightly different terms but produce the same result, giving the easiest way to view the same numbers depending on the account status.

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