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This section is for setting up how the application will act as a whole instead of a place to customize settings for specific sections.

Available Settings

  • AutoFill Applicant Information - Choose to have the applicant's name automatically default to the name entered when the applicant set up his or her account.
  • Disable Numbers on New Application - Choose to disable the section of the application that lets the applicant enter requested numbers for the loan.
  • Skip applicant user creation for application - Let applicants enter application information without having to first set up a username and password.
  • Disable Collateral on New Application - Disable the collateral section on new applications.
  • Disable Comments on New Application - Disable the comments section for new applications.
  • Enable Military Specific Applications - Enable applications that are specific to military. This will include showing custom fields that are designated to appear only on the military application.
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